The Benefits of Investing in US Investment-Grade Corporate Bonds

Matthew P. Butler, ChFC - Founder & Managing Principal
Matthew P. Butler, ChFC - Founder & Managing Principal

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While generally not permissible investments for credit unions, various programs under NCUA §701.19C (and similar rules for state-chartered credit unions) permit the use of "otherwise impermissible investments," with Investment Grade Corporate Bonds (IGCs) being one of them.

Discover why we believe US Investment-Grade Corporate Bonds could be an appealing asset class for your credit union. With attractive yields, relative safety, and diversification benefits, these bonds offer a unique opportunity for strategic financial management.

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Originating from the idea that credit unions lacked access to institutional investments, and that insurance policies written for banks were a poor solution for credit unions, we launched the Elite Yield Enhancement Pre-Funding Program® in 2007 and have grown to be one of the largest providers of non-insurance based §701.19C investment programs in the United States.