Part 703 Investments

Most Formula One drivers know how to change their own tires, but that doesn’t mean they get out of the car to do it.

Part 703 investment management has never been the most exciting part of a CFO’s day. Traditionally speaking, a broker calls you up with whatever the bond du jour is, and you decide whether or not to buy. The problem with this issue is that it puts all the pressure on you to determine if a bond fits well into your credit union’s portfolio. How will this bond affect your overall duration? How much of this issue should you buy? Will you get updates if an opportunity to sell the position and reinvest elsewhere comes along?

For all this, you have no transparency over the mark-ups you’re paying, so you never actually know how much this service costs.

Elite can give your permissible investing program a tune-up in a number of ways:

  • No bond mark-ups, eliminating the dead weight from your transactions. Your investment advisory fee is completely transparent and netted against the portfolio’s yield.
  • No redundant conversations, eliminating the dead weight from your calendar. By establishing what your credit union’s portfolio objectives are, we can build a portfolio that gets you results without bothering you every time you need to reinvest.
  • Better risk controls by allowing you a bird’s eye view of your portfolio. Our web platform takes the algebra off your plate and allows you to see risk analytics, yield, performance, and more at a moment’s notice and on your schedule.
  • Ongoing support beyond the sale. From bond accounting to audit support, to sell-discipline, we give credit unions the opportunity to implement a strategy to fit their Part 703 needs, and as fiduciaries, we work with you every step of the way to ensure your continued satisfaction. When a broker is racing off to their next sale, we’re still right here.