Charitable Donation Account

If ever there was a win-win for credit unions and their communities, it’s a Charitable Donation Account.

Charitable Donation Accounts (CDAs) are investment accounts that give credit unions special investment abilities while supporting their desire to donate to charities. Using CDAs, credit unions have the potential to fund charitable contributions through investment returns rather than operating income.

The credit union movement is based on the spirit of community, cooperation, and the idea that we aren’t trapped in a zero-sum game against our neighbors. Elite Capital’s CDA program helps credit unions to embrace these ideals wholeheartedly.

Elite Capital’s CDA program is designed to give your credit union attractive income and growth opportunities while minimizing downside risk. It's our mission to provide credit unions with the power and flexibility of a finely tuned investment solution without the liquidity risks of insurance based products, so they can get on with their own mission: supporting their communities and members.

If you’re curious if a CDA program is what your credit union needs to shift its charitable goals into high gear, then please feel free to give us a call.